Assalamualaikum and really good morning..

Sorry for not updating my blog as im busy doing some bored stuff like assignment, recruiting and bullying helping my junior to get know better about JMTI.

Visitors, im really missing you all right now. Why im suddenly speak english for this post? For your information, im at KL right now for the Hack Away 2 Training course. Have you ever heard about this course?

Im so happy and eagerly to join this course. It was my first time to come for the training like this. Let me share you my experience how i came here by myself. Yeaa..By MYSELF. are you believe it? Believe it or not, but its true! Now, im using the computer that reserved for me..Its really GReaatttttt here guys!!! Suka2...kekeke.

p/s: Sorry for not coming for the en. Bazri class. En. Bazri, im really sorry.

Im wanna start my learning right now. Will update my blog later.

Thank you all!

Sila Komen..
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